Pilot educational project: 

Join us in our Scientix pilot educational project.

A new VR scenario to create, manipulate and play with 3D geometrical objects.

Project team: 


  • José L. Rodríguez (Dept. Mathematics, UAL).

Main software developer: 

  • Diego Cangas Moldes (Virtual Dor, Student of Informatics Engineering, UAL).

Research team:

  • Mª Isabel Romero (Dept. Education, UAL)
  • Antonio Codina (Dept. Education, UAL)


  • David Crespo Casteleiro (IES Ciudad de Dalías, Almería)
  • Grazyna Morga (Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny w Żernicy, Poland)
  • Antonio Zarauz Moreno (Master student of Mathematics, UAL)
  • Andrés Mateo (Master student of Mathematics, UAL)
  • Asunción Bosch Saldaña (Dept. Education, UAL)
  • Juan Carlos Trillo (Escuela Politécnica Cartagena)
  • Lutz Strüngmann (Hochschule Mannheim, Germany)
  • Mateja Budin (Mathema, Slovenia)
  • Elena Soledad (IES Jiménez de la Espada, Cartagena)
  • José Manuel Fernández (IES Pablo Picasso, Málaga)
  • Encarna López (IES Reyes Católicos, Vélez- Málaga)
  • Eloy Almeida Fleitas (CIVITAS, Centro Especializado en Personas con Discapacidad Intelectual, Gran Canaria)
  • Emmanuelle Feaux de Lacroix (Université de Caen, Laboratoire de Mathématiques Nicolas Oresme) 
  • Eufrasio Rigaud (IES Aurantia, Benahadux, Almería)
  • Jacob Kamerling (CSG Willem de Zwijger, Schoonhoven, The Netherlands)
  • Katryn Leschke (University of Leicester, Department of Mathematics)
  • Ronny Sitter (Phd student, Technische  Universität Chedmnitz, Zentrum für Lehererbildung )


NeoTrie VR is a new software package of Virtual Reality which is currently being developed by Virtual Dor and the University of Almería, that enables users to create, manipulate, and interact with 3D geometrical objects and 3D models in general, of several types. 

The objectives of this software project are the following:

  • To examine aspects of plane geometry visible through the eyes of a third dimension.

  • To introduce 3D geometry and modelling meant for 3D printing.

  • To develop handicrafts and 3D visual skills.

  • To stimulate deductive and inductive reasoning skills.

  • To highlight cooperative work and positive interdependence.

  • To motivate pupils by means of recreational, collaborative and competitive games.


The NeoTrie VR scenario completely envelops the player in a totally immersive and interactive experience without precedent, thanks to the high technology provided by HTC ViveOculus (Rift, Rift S, Quest), Windows 10 Mixed Reality

We plan to implement gaming activities and lesson plans for distinct ages and levels, covering the following subjects:

  • 2D geometry (inside 3D space): parallels and perpendiculars, measures of lengths and angles, etc.
  • Projections using interactive light bulbs.
  • Plane tessellations build on space (regular, semiregular, etc.)

  • Construction of polyhedra (Platonics, pyramids, prisms, antiprisms, Archimedean, Johnson, Kepler, etc.).
  • Basic operations of polyhedra: duality, truncation, rectification, extension,....
  • Curved bodies (sphere, cone, cylinder, torus, etc.) by movements in space.
  • Parametrized curves and surfaces.
  • Metric calculations on 3D figures: angles, lengths, areas, volumes, Euler characteristics, etc.
  • Spatial symmetries 3D figures.
  • Homotheties, translations, rotations, etc.

  • Geometric 3D fractals, such as the Sierpinski tetrahedron or the Menger sponge.
  • Generation of crystalline networks from fundamental cells.
  • Euler 3D graphs (Seven Königsberg bridges problem).
  • Hamiltonian 3D graphs (Salesman’s problem).
  • Coloring 3D graphs (based on Four colours theorem, but using more colours).

3D Geometry in Virtual Reality

Featured tools:

  • Galleries of hundreds of pre-designed geometric figures.
  • Speech Recognition System to insert figures in the scenario.
  • File system to load and save scenes created by users. 
  • Multiplayer tool that enables users to create, play and learn together in the same scene (beta version).
  • Photo camera and video recording inside the VR scene.
  • Lesson recording system for educational purposes (alpha version).
  • Exporting-importing from other known programs of 3D geometry (alpha version).
  • 3D printing from STL files made by NeoTrie (alpha version).
  • Multiplatform: Available for VR headsets HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed Reality.


Sponsors & collaborators: 


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